Profiled shopping for the greatest OkCupid visibility advice you can make use of to obtain additional likes?

Profiled shopping for the greatest OkCupid <a href="https://besthookupwebsites.net/echat-review/">echat</a> visibility advice you can make use of to obtain additional likes?

We’ve put together OkCupid profile “About Me” instances for each regarding the 6 prompts OkCupid lets you pick from.

Test these information completely and find out which one is the best fit for your own OkCupid profile!

OkCupid Profile “About Me” # 1: My Self-summary

OkCupid’s very first and the majority of well-known “About me” prompt is actually “My self-summary”. This OkCupid visibility choice is very common that it could believe challenging to generate an authentic and fascinating option to summarise your self.

Our favorite go-to will be set three favored activities — foods, pastimes, films — whatever you’re excited about.

Restricting your own list to three keeps your overview succinct and tends to make folks enthusiastic about discovering more about you instead of thought they actually have you figured out.


Jocelyn, 28 My personal self-summary Poor scary films, bad alcohol, working in Riverside Park

Peter, 30 My self-summary Matcha addict, Minecraft architect, Michael Bay movie critic

OkCupid Profile “About Me” # 2: Favorite Stuff

Unless you are traveling, a lot of people watching your own OkCupid profile probably live in exactly the same location because. Therefore answering the “favorite benefit of the area we live” fast with something very basic regarding the city, like “sunshine, mountains, the people” is not all of that compelling.

OkCupid users that provide a tremendously specific interesting fact or anecdote are much more prone to get a doubletake.


Renee, 24 specialty most important factor of the area we reside i will see CBD tinctures for my self and my puppy from at the very least 3 spots back at my block.

Stephen, 26 best thing about the area I living we’ve arguably the very best Indian products from inside the state, nay, the western.

OkCupid Visibility “About Me” number 3: Those Who Understand Me…

Consider the OkCupid profile as the matchmaking application. Your own partnership prospects don’t need to read a list of traits you believe you happen to be (funny, comfortable, employees member). As an alternative, allowed the identity talk for it self whenever you express circumstances friends and family would state in regards to you.

We love this more likely/least most likely layout for answering the “most individuals who understand me personally would say I’m…” remind.


Lee, 23 Most people that understand myself would say I’m probably to obtain reasons to purchase takeout, the very least very likely to prepare

Casey, 22 we that discover myself would say I’m almost certainly to start video game nights, minimum likely to visit a soccer games

OkCupid Visibility “About Me” no. 4: Preferred Childhood Memories

We’ve seen a lot of people have a tendency to stay glued to the standard “my self-summary” OkCupid visibility prompt, thus you’re almost certainly going to stay ahead of the package simply by selecting the lesser-known “favorite memories from my personal childhood”.

Discussing an amusing or healthy memory strikes the most perfect chord of personal without getting weird, and will cause people to should swipe directly to get the full story.


Jessica, 21 favored memories from my personal youth Consuming Klondike bars for break fast if we comprise on vacation

Level, 26 best mind from my personal childhood operating my motorcycle from start til dusk everyday during the summer without a worry worldwide.

OkCupid Profile “About Me” #5: Circumstances I am not saying

Using emojis for all the OkCupid profile prompt “Things I am not saying” is the ideal possibility to expose your own sassy part.

Emojis could be translated in several approaches, thus explaining yourself using them within OkCupid profile will cause follow-up inquiries inside talk.


Gwen, 23 Things I Am Not Saying ??, ??, ??, ??

Richard, 28 Activities I’m Not ??, ??, ??, ?

OkCupid Profile “About Me” # 6: Haiku

Selecting “Me, a Haiku” as the OkCupid visibility punctual is actually strong, sure to impress, and easier than you think!

Just determine what 3 attributes or hobbies you’d most wish include in the profile and mess around together to match the 5/7/5 syllable format.


Kennedy, 29 me personally, a Haiku Yoga instructor. Pet liberties activist. Macrame dabbler.

Jason, 33 me personally, a Haiku Game of Thrones critic. Sky-diving are my enthusiasm. Caffeinated drinks fuels my life.

MENTION: Also the the majority of ?????? OkCupid visibility can’t make up for bad photos…

Whether your pics are blah, it is online game over.

Folks best also browse a person’s OkCupid visibility after already liking their own pics.

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