Just who shouldn’t use Fiona? The actual only real times you might not desire to use Fiona is when you’re selecting debts except that personal loans and education loan refinancing.

Just who shouldn’t use Fiona? The actual only real times you might not desire to use Fiona is when you’re selecting debts except that personal loans and education loan refinancing.

Unfortuitously, Fiona does not offering a quote evaluation for home mortgages or auto loans.

Pros and Cons

Fast estimate techniques — Fiona requires a couple of questions and requires only seconds to have your own rates.

Reliable enterprises — Fiona just works closely with one particular reliable loan companies, to help you make sure you’re getting quoted a good cost.

Fiona is free! — Fiona is wholly liberated to use and will never ever upset your credit score.

Helpful training technology — Fiona provides the discover site, which includes academic materials for cost savings reports, charge cards, and loans.

Minimal quotation choice — Fiona just provides four financial loans for contrast.

Maybe not a primary lender — utilizing Fiona is simply the initial step to getting that loan. After Fiona provides choices, you will however need to implement immediately through the lender of your choice.

Fiona competition

Fiona is not the sole aggregator in the marketplace. I’ve stated previously Policygenius, but there’s furthermore LendingTree.

To provide you with a sense of their particular differences, I’ve whipped upwards a dining table that compares the three solutions below:


Policygenius works in comparable way Fiona does. But, as opposed to focusing on debts, credit cards, and savings accounts, Policygenius offers estimates for a lot of different sorts of insurance.

To utilize Fiona and Policygenius alongside one another, with regards to the economic product you’re looking for. But realize Policygenius doesn’t have as fast of a quote processes as Fiona. Fiona takes a few moments, while Policygenius takes a few more mins.

You’ll must also end up being ready to render some more personal information about you to ultimately get a quotation from Policygenius.


LendingTree is yet another aggregator which can offer you estimates for mortgages, unsecured loans, charge cards, insurance coverage, debt relief, and college loans. Her quote processes resembles Policygenius and takes minutes to perform.

The big distinguisher would be that Lending forest offers prices for all a lot more lending options than Fiona. If you’re looking mortgage loans, credit card debt relief, of exclusive college loans, you’ll be better offered by LendingTree.

My experiences utilizing Fiona

I’ll surely have a look once again easily need your own financing

I’ve looked for unsecured loans in past times and in most cases i simply research business by team, writing down the costs when I run. Fiona removed that whole techniques. I got over a dozen loan selection in seconds. And really – it really does not have less difficult than that.

I wasn’t the most significant enthusiast regarding mastercard selection

Picayune payday loans and cash advance

After filling out the personalizes bank card page, I found myself merely supplied a number of charge cards – among which had been students cards (which I don’t be eligible for). This might because Fiona merely doesn’t bring as many partnerships with creditors as they manage unsecured loans. But, overall, I wasn’t impressed employing tips.

It was easy and simple price evaluating experience I’ve ever endured

Making use of Fiona ended up being the easiest feel discovering estimates I’ve had – and I’ve tried the vast majority of various other aggregator solutions.

While i’dn’t manage to find home loan rates or auto loan estimates, I’ll cheerfully make use of Fiona again easily need to find an individual mortgage or need to open up a savings account and require ideas.


Fiona support borrowers look for personal loans and education loan refinancing choices. But that is not totally all. You’ll be able to examine various credit cards and savings profile.

The quotation techniques takes only mere seconds, while hardly have to promote any information that is personal – which will be fantastic in today’s quickly hackable community.

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