Factsheet: Dating/Hookup misuse and university intimate Assault among Asian and Pacific Islander Youth

Factsheet: Dating/Hookup misuse and university intimate Assault among Asian and Pacific Islander Youth

A collection of details and data on matchmaking misuse and intimate assault impacting API kids and teens

Associated Info

Connection Physical Violence in Five L. A. Asian United States Forums: Intergenerational Danger and Strengthening Issues

This research examines possibility and protective points in five Asian US forums: Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, North Indian Hindu, and Pakistani Muslim. These points put social traditions, norms, thinking and opinions, specifically around sex roles, intergenerational household characteristics, romantic interactions, and solutions to child-rearing. This study involved 23 semi-structured focus organizations (163 total members) to collect the views of youth/young people, parents, community leadership, and providers in six various languages over the five forums.

Just how COVID-19 and Systemic feedback were Impacting Asian and Pacific Islander Survivors of home-based assault and Sexual attack

This advisory explains how COVID-19 episode try affecting Asian and Pacific Islander (API) survivors of home-based physical violence and intimate assault, and defines plans introduced to handle the pandemic like the CARES Act, and API and immigrant survivors’ eligibility your training and treatments available in the guidelines, as well as the implications of using the providers. The Advisory in addition covers the end result of systematic replies toward COVID-19 crisis and unique conditions that API survivors deal with that programs must take into account to guide survivor security during pandemic.

Basic facts & Stats Report: Domestic Violence in Asian and Pacific Islander property, 2020

Data from posted and unpublished research on incidence of punishment, domestic assault, forms of abuse, perceptions towards domestic assault, support pursuing perceptions and encounters, service use, health and psychological state outcomes, subjection to families violence in childhood, and home-based violence relating homicides.

Factsheet: residential assault, Sexual Violence, and person Trafficking in Native Hawaiian Communities, 2020

Statistics, and information on home-based assault, and human trafficking in local Hawaiian communities

Residential and parents assault in Hmong Communities, 2019

Demographic facts, studies, and tools on home-based violence, intimate attack, along with other forms of misuse in Hmong communities

Evidence-Informed Practices to Provide Asian/Pacific Islander Household Assault Survivors, 2018

To address the residential violence characteristics and fashions in API forums, supporters has designed applications considering an intimate knowledge of their particular communities as well as the requires of API survivors. This webinar recognizes the differing characteristics and latest home-based violence fashions API immigrant and refugee survivors were facing. It will probably describe the A-Z Advocacy Model’s supply of evidence-informed ways and the foundational principles that point this unique product.

Fact piece: Pacific Islanders and household & sex assault, 2018

a compilation of reports on domestic violence, intimate violence, trafficking, and help-seeking.

Residential assault and intimate Assault from inside the Pacific Islander area, 2017

Erin Thomas, Asian/Pacific Islander household assault Resource venture (DVRP) an introduction to the geographical, historical, ethno-linguistic, and social range of Pacific Islander communities; historic shock; and GBV trends.

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